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What is the best treatment for reducing swelling in an ankle injury?

Using a multilayer compression wrap, like an Ace wrap, can be very effective at reducing swelling whether you sprain your ankle or break it. Using a combination of cold pack applications, elevating your swollen foot and using the compression wrap can be even more helpful for reducing pain, improving ankle range of motion and mitigating edema.

Manuela Rohner-Spengler, MPTSc, et al. Effective Treatment of Posttraumatic and Postoperative Edema in Patients with Ankle and Hindfoot Fractures. A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Multilayer Compression Therapy and Intermittent Impulse Compression with the Standard Treatment with Ice. In The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. August 2014. Vol.96-A, Number 15. pp. 1263-1271.

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