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I've been coaching Little League for almost 30 years. It seems like more and more kids are coming up with various injuries, especially "pitcher's elbow" or "Little League elbow." Are there any studies to say why this is happening?

Various sports injuries have been reported. Researchers always try to find a link or connection to explain what's happening. When it comes to elbow problems, there's no doubt the number is on the rise. Before organized baseball, many of these conditions never even existed.

Repetitive play, long practices, and younger athletes combine together to create this new problem. Growing bone is especially at risk for damage from physical stress, high loads, and repeated motions. In many places, the warm climate allows for year-round practice and play. Some players are so dedicated, they practice hours every day in and out of season.

David Wei Hang, et al. A Clinical and Roentgenographic Study of Little League Elbow. In The American Journal of Sports Medicine. January/February 2004. Vol. 32. No. 1. Pp. 79-84.

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